Privacy & Security

When you provide us with information through Anna & the Willow we respect your privacy & comply with UK & EU data protection law.  We will update our policy from time to time – please check back.

Your data

You may request a copy of your data we store and request it is edited or deleted, we will respond to your request within one month.  There is no charge for a request, unless the data you require is particularly detailed.


In accepting this Privacy Policy you give your consent for your data to be collected, stored and processed described below;

  • If you get in touch, or use our services we will collect, store and process the data necessary to respond to your enquiries and keep adequate records.
  • We track visits to our website through Google Analytics

We will only use your data for the purpose of which you provided it including international record keeping & providing you with goods & services and marketing emails and invitations.

We process your data to provide you with goods and services, distribute marketing materials and provide you with the best secure experience.

Sharing your data

In order to provide you with services, we ourselves use service providers with whom your data may have to be shared and processed.  Any UK based third parties will process your data solely for the purpose that you provided it and will do so under strict confidentiality and UK law.

Service providers include those required to administrate and host our website.

We keep your data secure to the best of our ability – we will notify you of any breach.