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Below are a few examples of features that Anna & The Willow has had over the years, I hope you find them interesting!

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I'd like to give you my thanks for your making of the Skipton Huntress, and a promise to acknowledge your work in a novel. 

Michael Hazard 

1 April 2019



From FaceBook

This is one of the most wonderful things I've seen in a long time!


Superb! Love the Energy and Movement of this Huntress....She is Alive💞


Anna this is stunning,  I shared this on my FB and have had so many likes and comments,  she is fabulous great to hear she is permanent. Thank you for your art,  a great page to follow. :)


Its as though she has floated out of the forest only to float back in again.


artistically perfect!!! action, flow, powerful beauty!!!


This is absolutely stunning! Gives me more of a reason to go visit Skipton Castle one day 💙SkiptonPride

These have to be the most beautiful sculptures I have see in a long time 👌


This needs a home in Castle’s Woods (Castlewood, Virginia)!

I am just waiting for the day I can come and see the huntress in Skipton Woods for myself.  It's a truly amazing piece.  Thank you for your art!


These should be in national art gallery not a tin of beans some clowns think is art.


I remember the first time I saw this amazing Huntress and was quite blown away with the power and the beauty of her. Stunning work Art

I love all your work Anna, but this is my absolute favourite.  Utterly beautiful. So nice to see production photos 

Blows me away every time I see your work


From FaceBook

Hope in art !

The life expressed in this sculpture, is amazing, adds to the setting breathing new life from the old....

I love how you have managed to create the flow of the hair on the sculpture lovely work.

You are an amazing artist!

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